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01 April 2015

Another excellent article from my fellow Panda Giles Bowkett. Instead of the usual corny April Fool’s jokes, he remixes an older post by the venerable Paul Graham, who originally wrote it about Python.

As always with Giles’s post, it contains a veritable treasure trove of excellent links, such as this post on remote work by Jeff Atwood (of Coding Horror and Discourse fame), which is one of the best and most thorough pieces on remote work I have read.

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22 March 2015

Great talk about Github’s culture and dealing with the challenges of remote work.

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19 September 2014

Excellent blog post from my fellow Panda Giles about the massive shortcomings of the software management scam formally known as “scrum”. Some quotes:

About the usefulness of Planning Poker:

I have literally never seen Planning Poker performed in a way which fails to undermine this goal. Literally always, as soon as every engineer has put up a particular number, a different, informal game begins. If it had a name, this informal game would be called something like “the person with the highest status tells everybody else what the number is going to be.”

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Your browser can talk!?!

04 June 2014

So I was debugging some code in Chrome’s Web Inspector, and while looking at the window object I came across an entry called speechSynthesis:

“What’s that?” I thought, and promptly googled it. Well, turns out that a real text-to-speech (TTS) API has somehow made it into HTML5, and it’s already support it new(ish) versions of Chrome and Safari.

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UI design is HARD

28 May 2014

I’m certainly not the first to notice this, but just today I ran into an excellent example to illustrate this fact.

In my day job at GoodData, one of the projects I’ve been working on is a labs app called List Metrics. It looks something like this:

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09 May 2014

A couple of years ago, when Ubuntu first rolled out their new desktop, one of the things that immediately stood out to me was how closely it resembled MacOS X. It was, in fact, almost too close. But when I played around with it a bit, I immediately noticed where it was lacking polish compared to Apple — and where it had made improvements.

One of the most useful features, too me, was its popup calendar: when you clicked the time in the task bar, a small calendar would pop up, showing the current month, like so:

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